SEO, it’s clear as mud, right?

With the speed at which changes are made by Google (Google made 3,200 changes to search in the past year) the average business owner or even marketer would be forgiven if they were to not be up to speed with the latest updates that can and do affect their organic rankings.

So with that being the case, is there a fast and simple way business owners and marketers can determine whether their SEO investment is actually paying off. The answer is yes.

Welcome to Google Analytics

Any website that has SEO being done on it should have Google Analytics installed. If you hire an agency to do SEO and they have not installed it then find a new SEO agency in Perth fast!

Inside Google Analytics there is a tonne of data and it’s in there that you find whether your SEO is working or not.

The key factor to measuring SEO performance is not rankings as many agencies may have told you. It’s organic traffic and organic conversions.

The reason it’s not rankings is because it is easy for an SEO agency to get your business ranking well organically for non competitive search terms. So you may think that you rank really well for particular search phrases however if there is little to no search volume for those phrases then what is the value!?

Why organic traffic and organic conversions matter

…because the idea behind SEO is to increase your presence on Google for a variety of high value search phrases. The search phrases your SEO agency optimises for should be strategically chosen and a mix of short and long tail keywords.

That’s great, but what really matters is what happens over time and what happens once the user lands on your website.

You know your SEO investment is delivering a positive return on investment if you can see two clear trends…

A) The graph in Google Anlaytics indicates an upward trend in organic traffic over time

B) The organic traffic that is landing on your website is converting (e.g submitting a lead or making a purchase).

Still lost?

If you’re still lost when it comes to determining if your SEO agency is actually making a difference to your bottom line then contact us today and we will perform a free SEO audit for your business. Completely obligation free.