Link building isn’t easy, but this should make brainstorming link sources a bit easier.

Part of any professional search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy must include the acquisition of high quality links. Anyone with even the slightlest interest in SEO understands that a link from one website to another website passes is an endorsement and in Google and other search engines eyes this gives the website that has been linked to greater domain authority.

Improving your website’s domain authority is essential to improve search engine rankings for competitive search phrases. The higher your website’s domain authority the easier it will be for it to rank for competitive / high value search phrases.

Finding those links is the difficult part. It takes time and some brain storming. Use the following broad categories to identify any potential sources of black links for your website’s SEO.

Link source ideas

Contractors / Sub-contractors / Consultants
Charities you support
Referral Destinations
Software Vendors
Publishers / Media
Sports Teams & Sports Stadiums
Product & Service Reviews
Anyone / anything else you can think of

It really comes down to thinking outside of the box.

When it comes to link building, all links are not equal. It is of course better to get a link from another high authority domain which has relevance to your website’s content. However these can be often hard to come by, so it’s often a good idea to target a mixture of high value / harder to acquire links and lower value / easy to acquire links.

Happy link building from the team at Interact Digital.

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