Google Adds “Request a Quote” Button to Business Listings in Search Results

This exciting Google update is going to interest those businesses using Google for lead generation. Google is automatically adding a large “Request a Quote” button to eligible business listings in search results.

The button also appears in mobile search results when the business name is searched for. A bonus given that most consumers search on a mobile device.

However, it is limited to certain business listings at the moment (in the USA) but we predict it will be rolled out to Australia this year.

Specifically, businesses that have opted into the Google My Business messaging feature will have the “request a quote” button added to their listing

This has the potential to generate more leads for businesses.

James - Interact Digital

This exciting new call to action within Google My Business has the potential to generate more leads for businesses in Perth.

Consumers will soon be able to request quotes from your business without ever visiting your website. It can all be done within Google’s services. From our experiments we find that this has the potential to lead to higher conversion rates as it often provides a more seamless user experience rather than them having to navigate their way around your website.

Clearly, that’s not great for traffic. But the purpose of a business website, for the most part, is to generate leads.

So is it a bad thing if Google sends leads without the traffic?

That’s up to the individual business owner to determine. But it’s one of the more interesting aspects of this update that isn’t getting talked about.