Setting up a lead generation campaign on Facebook requires some know-how

Before you dive into Facebook advertising and in particular a Facebook Lead Generation campaign (with the objective as lead generation) you need to understand how to set it up correctly to ensure you maximize your investment.

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make when setting up a lead generation campaign is they do not link the ad to their CRM or at least setup a Zapier ‘Zap’ to send the lead to a Google Sheet in addition to a series of further required Zaps.

If you fail to send your lead to a CRM or Google Sheet then this presents a couple of problems:

  1.  You do not receive a notification when a new lead is submitted, thus you may not respond in an appropriate time frame
  2.  You have to manually download the leads each day, which is a logistical nightmare

So there are two solutions

Link your Facebook ad to your CRM

Whether you use Hubspot or some other CRM, chances are that Facebook has a built in integration to feed your lead data into it. Once this happens you will be building your lead database and the opportunities are endless for you to set up various automation to contact these leads and setup automated follow up.

Setup a series of ZAPS in Zapier

If you’re like many small businesses and do not use a CRM then this is the smartest way to collect your Facebook lead data and ensure that you never miss an opportunity.

Step 1: Build your lead form and ad within Facebook

Step 2: Create a Google sheet for your leads and configure it correctly according to the data you collect in the Facebook Lead Form

Step 3: Setup a Zap in Zapier to send the lead data to the Google Sheet

Step 4: Setup another Zap in Zapier and have an email automatically send to your sales team notifying them of the new and include a link to the Google Sheet (this prevent them having to search long and hard for the Google Sheet)

Bonus step

If you want to be really clever then you should setup a custom audience within Facebook for your new leads. Then in Zapier, setup a Zap to send those new leads into your Facebook custom audience.

Now you have an audience of leads which you can remarket to specifically. This is important because you want to remain top of mind with consumers, especially those who have given you an indication they want to do business with you. So whilst you wait for your sales team to get them on the phone or email. your ads serve as a reminder to the consumer that you have a great offer.