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A results focused advertising agency in Perth

Media Junction & Interact Digital is a full service marketing agency focused on helping clients grow their businesses. Media Junction is our traditional media arm  (TV, print, radio, outdoor) which was established in 1994. Interact Digital is our digital arm which focuses on helping our clients compete in a digital world.

There’s no one size fits all approach to marketing. Every business is different. We carefully analyse our client’s needs, customers, and marketing objectives. Following this, we implement a bespoke marketing campaign to achieve predetermined KPIs.

Lead Generation

Send highly targeted traffic to a campaign specific landing page to acquire high value leads for any business.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising done right can be a game changer. Done wrong it can be debilitating. Fortunately for our client's we've invested heavily in understanding how to target niche markets with engaging ads that drive conversation, leads and sales.

Our approach: We're always learning

We love working within the digital marketing space. The digital marketing space is young, fast paced, ambitious and forever changing. That’s why we invest heavily in our own professional development with the world’s leading marketing specialists.


There is no more important channel for your business than organic search (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc). Allow your organic website traffic to skyrocket through our white-hat search engine optimisation practices.

Google Ads

Let our Google specialists carefully plan and build your business an SEM campaign that delivers leads at a cost that works for your business.

E-mail Marketing & Automation

Advances in technology have allowed even small businesses to leverage the power of email marketing and automation. Imagine being able to nurture a new lead from initial contact through to appointment/booking/sale without having to manually send one email. All that and more is possible now.

Traditional Media Buying

Whilst your customers are consuming more digital media than ever before, the data doesn't lie, traditional marketing still works. We can help plan your TV, radio, outdoor or print marketing campaigns. Our industry connections date back to 1994 which ensures our clients get fantastic rates and bonus spots.